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Short Story About Saferide Dispatch

Jose Familia, CEO

SafeRide offers the best services in Westchester countie and all New York City areas. We have an exceptional team of drivers transporting our clients safely and efficiently.

SafeRide Dispatch

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About Us

SafeRide Dispatch is a non-emergency company and car service, that provide services in all Boroughs. We guarantee not only Punctuality but also great costumer service to all our passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule and appointment please call medicaid at (844)666-6270 and request to arrive with SafeRide Dispatch. If you need assistance scheduling your ride please call our office at (866)710-0700
Saferide Dispatch has been growing and making more contracts with other insurances. If you will like to know if we take your insurance please call our office and one of our representatives will assist you.
Saferide Dispatch has a team that can provide you information on how to get insurance.


You're in Good Hands

Transportation systems are always important for communities and our country, and never more so than during a crisis and for this reason our drivers maintain bio-safety standards; clean and sanitized cars to make every trip enjoyable, reliable and safe.